This post was taken from my Instagram as it is an introductory post about my aura adventures. I haven’t decided which way I’m going to go about posting these yet – here or Instagram first. But it’ll be posted on both.

A topic of discussion between me and one of my aunts these past few days have been auras.
Those magical colours surrounding us that we don’t see.
But what if we could? I mean, some people can… so how did they do it?

My aunt learned a fairly easy way to do it – stare at your third eye (between your eyebrows) in the mirror, without blinking and eventually you’ll see colours.
I hadn’t tried that. I had been letting my eyes fixate/fuzz out on my legs in the shower and kept seeing neon blue-green and white pulsating and circulating around me. I wondered if I was doing it wrong or going a bit wonky.
It was too neon to be legit (or so I thought).
So I attempted the mirror trick. It was so difficult at first because my eyes kept going out of focus. It almost felt like camera lenses. Until at one point when I saw bright neon blue-green around my ears and then it would fade out into white at the top of my head.

I almost jumped.

I tried it again and there it was… on the other side of my head, almost like behind me.
Then I got all confused… why is my aura a mix of blue-green? Literally blue-green not one corner blue, one corner green. Apparently there are “turquoise” auras out there. So it’s one colour.
I already knew I had white and green in my aura but the way I saw it was so neon and electric that I almost didn’t believe I saw it.
Anyway, I wanted to share my experience and who knows maybe you guys wanna try it out! If you do, let me know – I’m totally curious.
You can find and connect with me on instagram @deialinz .


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