My Performance Experience & Tips

This post was taken from my Instagram as it is where I posted about it first. I haven’t decided which way I’m going to go about posting yet – here or Instagram first. But it’ll be posted on both.

I wanted to share my experience about my first ever pole showcase because nobody seems to talk about what actually goes on. This may sound negative but it’s not. I actually had the best time. Wasn’t prepared for anything at all. And I realized I haven’t changed much since I was 7. I still had a meltdown, calling myself fat, white and ugly, and my significant other was patient and loving with me and actually suggested my outfit.
I had anxiety throughout the entire night until I got on stage. Then I was fine, life was great and I couldn’t wait to do it again.
But the reality is that nothing ever comes easy to me. Everything is always a challenge – and then I feel I must relay the information I acquire because of these challenges. So if you’re thinking of performing, read my tips!

  1. Turns out there’s rehearsal. Which I only found out thanks to an instructor at the studio I went to practice in the week of. Nobody told me otherwise. So always ask about rehearsal time! That way you can see the place AND the stage.
  2. Stages are weird. This is probably why nobody bothers with leg warmers or knee pads. You legit can’t slide even in leg warmers. Which also complicates floorwork and your crawl may end up looking off.
  3. There’s a person with a sheet with performer’s names on it. You may get one ahead of time – but come day of, that will change. Find this human! In my case I had to ask the lady who was running the showcase as soon as I spotted her and she directed me to the “lady in the jean jacket”.
  4. Ask someone to record your performance or take photos. Why? There’s photographers there and you will have to pay to have your video or photos afterwards. So if you can’t or aren’t willing to drop the cash, come prepared!

All in all, I had the most amazing time. And I have three other performances lined up. Maybe my tips will change but for now they stay as is.

You can find and connect with me on instagram @deialinz .


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